Monthly Archives: February 2012

My VMware VCAP5-DCD BETA Exam Experience

I received an invitation to take the VCAP5-DCD BETA Exam a couple of weeks ago and took the exam at Partner Exchange. Like Jason Boche’s experience, the exam consisted of 131 questions and I was given 225 Minutes to complete. The experience was similar to my VCAP4-DCD experience over a year ago. Read more »

Figuring the Cost of Yer Winders VMs

I’ve been meaning to write this post since May 2010! Never got around to it but I am starting to see and hear about it again. The costs of Windows Server systems become important if you are renewing licenses or you are in a consolidation project. I find that many businesses will purchase server hardware with a Windows OEM license. The problem with an OEM license is that it CANNOT be transferred to a different server. Some people find this out the hard way during P2V conversions. Read more »